Who Are We

Our Story

Phalanx (fa'langks'): A close knit body of people, unified by a common goal. Founded in 2003, our management staff has more than 120 cumulative years experience providing workforce development solutions and strength-based social services to disadvantaged and

at-risk population. Phalanx Family Services builds emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families in a community in which they can thrive.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist economically disadvantaged youth and families in the pursuit of self-sufficiency through employment centered programs, mentoring, advocacy, and workforce development solutions. Our strength-based social services meet each person where they are and draft a plan for individual success.

Our Services

We offer a holistic approach to serving both employers and job seekers throughout the metropolitan Chicago community.  Through a variety of resources and partnerships and with an experienced and dedicated staff, Phalanx Family Services has placed thousands of individuals into subsidized and unsubsidized employment. Our services included recruiting, training, job placement, and providing support services to individuals seeking employment or career advancement.

Our Solution

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Our Solution

It's a simple idea that means so much. It means emotionally secure families and children, less violence in homes, and fewer people sleeping on the streets. Phalanx helps individuals, couples, and children in the Chicagoland area by giving them the lasting solutions they need to build healthy relationships and stable lives.  Together, with the support of the community, we can build emotionally healthy and self-sufficient families.