Phalanx Family Services (PFS) Youth Services Department provides mentoring and programming for in-school and out-of school youth.  Our mentoring programs are delicately handled with care as we recognize the fragility of our young people. We provide individualized youth services and select the most appropriate resources for youth based on needs, barriers, abilities, and suitability.  Our goal is to change the trajectory of youth lives, via social, emotional, mental, and

physical opportunities.


Community Youth Employment Program

The Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP) is a year round program that helps youth ages 16-24 connect with paid work experience that helps youth ages 16-24 connect to long-term employment opportunities.


  • 16 to 24 years old

  • low income criteria

  • in or out of high school.


Chicago Public Schools

Re-Engagement SOAR Center 

Chicago Public Schools focuses on the re-engagement of chronically truant and out of school youth to re-enroll in school and provides comprehensive supportive services for youth and family.

SOAR facilitates a mentoring and advocacy service for Chicago Public School students.


International Youth Foundation

The Boss Up program provides youth career and life skills training with job placement services via the "Passport To Success" curriculum.


  • 16 - 24 years old

  • State of Illinois resident

  • Motivated and Enthusiastic

Plus, Summer Youth Employment

Program, and Chicagobility

The summer jobs initiative is a 6 week program, where young people, new to the workforce, or those with limited current or part time work experience, are provided with employment skill sets and career education opportunities that can lead to annual employment or post secondary education; virtual and digital platform for 2020.



  • 14 - 24 years old

  • City of Chicago

  • Proof of Age and Residency

  • State or School Identification


Thrive Chicago: Reconnection HUB

The Reconnection Hub, provides student the opportunity to navigate and access the complex systems of social and city services to connect them with jobs, skill training, education and other opportunities. 


One-Stop are opportunity youth reconnection services, assist youth in  

education, training, housing, behavioral Services, and job Placement



  • 16 - 24 years old

  • Disconnected from School or Work

Employment Services for Emerging Adults

The Cook County Employment Services for Emerging Adults provides employment readiness and job placement.  Participants, earn $100 weekly, for a period of 6 six weeks.

Services are held on site and virtually.


  • 18-29 years old

  • Cook County Resident 

  • Proof of Age and Residency

  • State or School Identification

Enrichment Program

The Gaming Boot Camp.


  • 15-18 years old

  • City of Chicago Resident 

    • Far South Side resident preferred 

  • Must have an interest for technology


Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership

Phalanx's Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) program works with young people, possessing one of seven barriers to employment and/or education, offering Paid work experience, job training and job placement. 


Our WIOA program emphasizes vocational training, employment, and education centered programs for 84 out of school youth providing case management, mentoring, and supportive services.


  • 16-24 years old

  • Out of School

  • Low Income

  • High Risk Criteria


The mentorship program pairs at-risk youth across the city with a qualified mentor to provide enrichment and guidance opportunities that are critical to each and every child’s development and success.


  • 7th thru 10th grade

  • City of Chicago Resident

  • Currently Enrolled Pre-identified School

R.I.S.E. Program

R.I.S.E. is a 6-month intensive group counseling, mentorship, and skill-building program for justice-involved youth, focused on civic engagement and restorative justice.  Our mentor works with males ages 15-17 (in cohorts of 12) who have two or more previous arrests.


Participants engage in the Civic Leadership Foundation project-based curriculum designed to empower young people with a deeper sense of responsibility for themselves and to the community.


  • 15 to 18 years old

  • City of Chicago resident

  • Males

  • Touched by Juvenile Justice System

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